Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Buttermilk Truck

Bored of plain old cereal and milk for breakfast? Then it's time to vamp up your morning meal by heading on over to the Buttermilk Truck's current location. Yes, I said "current" because it is essentially, a roach coach - food that is cooked, sold, and travels on wheels. However, this street food vendor is far from the average person's vision of a roach coach. It is clean, uses fresh ingredients, and offers a creative take on fusion breakfast.
We've all seen or heard of red velvet cupcakes, even the occasional red velvet cookie, but red velvet pancakes?? This is definitely a creative new one. For $2.50, you get six bite-sized pancakes dotted with chocolate chips and dusted in powdered sugar. They already are fairly sweet, so try them without syrup first.

Another popular item is the buttermilk biscuit breakfast sandwich. A homemade biscuit is split in half and filled with an over easy egg, cheese, and your choice of chicken apple sausage, applewood smoked bacon, or tocino (Filipino sausage). Add on a tasty rosemary-garlic hash brown nugget for fifty cents more and this sandwich is good to go!
We also tried the Hawaiian breakfast sliders (my fave!!)and Hawaiian bread french toast sticks. The sliders were three King's Hawaiian bread rolls filled with a generous portion of Portuguese sausage, shoyu scrambled eggs, and grill onions. A bit messy, but definitely worth it! It really made me miss the ono food from islands! Unfortunately, the french toast sticks were very disappointing!! They were dry and over fried.
First it was cupcakes, then frozen yogurt, and now the latest trend is street food trucks. So why don't you jump on the bandwagon and grab your next meal from the Buttermilk Truck?! ...Just stay away from the french toast!
To see the whole menu and find out when they'll be in your neighborhood:

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