Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Farmer's Market & Food Writing

Happy belated Valentine's Day :)

This past week has been filled with excitement as I finally started writing for The District Weekly. I was sent out on my first two assignments, which were interviewing and then sampling (oh yeah!) foods from BigMista's BBQ and Big Nick's Pizza.

BigMista's BBQ is not a restaurant, but rather a traveling husband and wife team that sell their multiple-award-winning spicy, smoky barbecue at three different farmer's markets in Southern California. On Tuesdays and Saturdays you can find them at the Torrance Farmer's Market next to Wilson Park. The owner of BigMista's prepared his "Perfect Pulled Pork" sandwich for us and it was darn near perfect - a huge helping of shredded pork (that was slow cooked for 12 hours!), secret sauce, and pineapple coleslaw in between a soft bun. Mmmm mmm! We (the photographer and I) also got to nibble on brisket and beef ribs. He also raved about his wife's super cheesy mac and cheese, but was sad to inform me they didn't have any that day.

We had some time to kill before our next appointment with Big Nick's, so we strolled through the rest of the market and sampled some of the fresh produce.

Now after living in Torrance nearly all my life and only having been to their farmer's market a couple of times, I found myself wondering: Why don't I come here more often??? The produce is fresh - and not to mention cheap - and the food stands are delish! Also, where else can you get a dozen roses for $6.00?! I may have just found my new Saturday morning ritual.

Torrance Farmer's Market
2400 Jefferson St.
Torrance 90501

BigMista's BBQ
http://bigmista.com/ <-- follow them on Twitter and Facebook too!

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