Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eating My Way Through Japan

Bento Box
The typical Japanese lunch. This one had fried rice, two kinds of
shumai, karaage (fried chicken), eggplant salad, and ginger.
Japanese Buffet*
This was my favorite meal of the trip because it had a selection of
all the popular Japanese foods and a dessert bar! There was
salad, tempura, shabu shabu, saba, yakitori, croquette, seafood
casserole, kabocha, tonkatsu, fried noodles, curry, miso soup,
sushi, a few types of Japanese pickles and salads, fruit,
sakura manju, cakes, and ice cream!
*This was an ironic concept for Japan, since everything
is about portion control and it is customary to finish all
of the food you are served on your plate.

Hello Kitty Water Bottles

American products with Japanese text

Never seen Haagen Dazs Macadamia Nut flavor - not even in Hawaii!

Hot Food Vending Machine

Yes, folks you can even get your lunch out of a vending machine
in Japan! They had drink vending machines EVERYWHERE,
but this was the first food one I found!
(It takes about 2 minutes to heat the food.)
Strawberry Flavored Popcorn
At Disney Sea there were multiple food carts that sold different
flavored popcorn like curry, black pepper, milk tea, caramel,
and strawberry.
McDonald's Value Menu
Most of these items can be found on an American value menu,
except for the Bacon Potato Pie and "Shaka Shaka Chicken"
Also, their Apple Pie is deep fried, not baked like it is here.
Teriyaki Burger and Fries
The "burger" patty wasn't 100% ground beef (probably because
meat is hard to come by in Japan) and tasted more like a
veggie patty. The sizes of fries and drinks are much smaller
than the ones in America.


  1. The McDonalds in the Philippines serve spaghetti! :)

  2. Japan fails at fast food... but they are epic in ramen! so it evens out. (They need Timmy sized value meals in Japan!)