Monday, October 12, 2009

Are You There Martha? It’s Me, KellyCakes.

As I sat in my room one Sunday night, contemplating what to do with my future, the idea of starting a blog to share my creativity popped into my head. All these ideas started flowing about what I could write about…restaurant reviews, party ideas, “how-to” for college kids on a budget, how I’m a recent college grad trying to figure it all out, etc. Hmm…all interesting to me, but who the hell else will want to read my mumble-jumble? Maybe you? Maybe not…Maybe the Editor In Chief at Martha Stewart Living and she’ll give me my dream job of food styling in Los Angeles??? Well, probably not. But, as somewhat of a self-proclaimed Martha myself, hopefully this blog will be more than an outlet of expression for me and actually be intriguing to you guys in the Internet world. Enjoy!

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